The Pecan League


The Pecan League, founded in 2015, is a computer simulation of real baseball using Action PC Baseball, a statistics-oriented, mostly text-based game in Windows format.

  • Summer of 47


    Big Papi on a burning pace

  • Khris Khrushes one

    in season opener

    April 22, 2017

  • In the beginning ...

  • This is not fantasy.

    By Charles Polansky January 2016
  • LandSharks
    claim inaugural
    World Series

    By Jimmy Burch March 2016
  • Carrasco leads
    Lake Arlington into
    World Series

    By Jimmy Burch March 2016
  • Teheran propels
    Mesquite into
    World Series

    By Scott McCoy March 2016
  • Clutch HR lifts
    Wood into semis

    By Cody Bailey March 2016
  • 2015 MVP:

  • Welcome to the home of the Pecan League, an Action PC simulation league run by current and former journalists, would-be Joe Maddons and manly men who know the difference between real baseball and fantasy.